If you’re looking for the 2010 site, it’s at crazy88.handlebarsandwich.com

Here’s what I’ve got for final times and results, take a gander: Results Page. Thanks again to everyone who came out, and if I didn’t get your time marked on there, it’s because you didn’t mark it on the sheet. I would be happy to update it if you shoot me an email.

7-31-09 – Well all, I didn’t think it was gonna happen, but I think I’m going to have to declare registration closed to try not to get us into too much trouble with the forest service. I’m absolutely amazed that everyone is so psyched about the race, it’s gonna be a great time, and I’ve got some fun stuff in the works for it.

So, if you’ve already talked to me offline about it or posted a comment here, consider yourself in. If not, well, there’s always next year (or just go ride the course on your own, it’s a blast, I swear!). I posted a comment below to signify the cutoff, feel free to keep posting any comments with questions about the race or course.

Update – 7/16/09 – GPS Tracks and Cue Sheets are Finalized and posted below, enjoy!

August 8, 2009

General Description:
The Crazy 88 is an endurance mountain bike race around the San Francisco Peaks and Flagstaff. It’s 88 miles of amazing riding through every kind of terrain you could care to ride in northern arizona. The course has everything from forest roads through picturesque aspen groves to swervy singletrack through high-desert. In keeping with the theme, the course is approximately 88 miles long and in configured in a big figure 8. The start/finish and midpoint of the race is the parking lot at the top of schultz pass. The course uses some well-used trails and some not-so-well used trails, and is over 50% singletrack.

This is a grassroots event and therefore has no entry fee and a rider limit of 74 people. Both of these things keep us out of trouble with the forest service, and keeps us from needing permits. If you want to make sure you have a spot on the starting line, leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Disclaimer: Although there are aid stations, this should be considered an UNSUPPORTED RIDE as you will be riding through remote areas which have many natural hazards. Be sure that you are capable of getting yourself out of whatever trouble you get into if you plan on doing this race.

The first loop has changed slightly from 2008, and now includes more singletrack! We will be using the Arizona Trail from Forest Road 418 on the north side of the peaks, and will take it almost all the way to snowbowl road, where we will then meet up with sherlock. Note that the ‘connector’ from the Arizona Trail to Sherlock is 30 yard bushwack to a campsite, followed by a quick couple turns on some doubletrack. Follow the cue sheet or the GPS track carefully! This will be marked on race day.

The second lap is exactly the same as 2008, because it was just that good. Get all the goods below (to download the GPS files, right click and ‘save link as….’)

GPX files:
Crazy 88 Full Loop
First loop only
Turn by Turn Waypoint GPX File

Cue Sheets:

For the so inclined, here’s a preview, click through to download the kmz file off google maps to use in your own version of google earth (so you can make it all spinny and 3d-esque and such).

View Larger Map

And finally, a nice little elevation profile, about 10,000 feet of climbing, yee haw!

Start Times:
This year the start time for the 88 will be 7am sharp.

There will also be a 44 mile version this year, which will be just the first loop of the course and will have a start time of 9am. This should bring everyone in closer to the same time at the end of the day so that everyone can party together!

Aid Stations:
There will be 3 aid stations this year during the 88 mile course. The first will be somewhere on the north side of the peaks, the second will be the start/finish line (which you hit after the first loop) and the third will be out near walnut canyon somewhere.

All aid stations will have water, something salty, something sweet, and something with some carbs if you need them. There may be more than that, but if you want anything in particular, make sure you bring it. We will have some energy food from Honey Stinger at the aid stations as well.

There is free camping on the way up shultz pass road before you hit the top (and at the top) of the pass. Don’t count on camping right at the start/finish, as several people are coming in from out of town, so there will probably be a crowd. Please, plan on staying saturday night, as there will be plenty of beer out there for the post party, and we don’t need anyone getting into trouble trying to make it back into town.

Did somebody say party? There will be a post party after the race is over.

I’ll have beer, assorted grilled food and some side dishes for everyone to munch on. Since there is no entry fee and this is all out of pocket for me, please feel free to bring along some food to help out, or a little cash to donate to the cause to help out the funding.

And just in case you were wondering what kind of beer we’re having, I’ve got a keg donated by New Belgium, and I’ll have a couple kegs of homebrew all ready to roll. I’m sure everyone will be thirsty after the race, so we’ll be ready.

I am still in need of a few volunteers. If you know somebody who would be willing to man an aid station for a few hours either in the morning or the afternoon, or would be willing to help out manning the grill when hungry racers start rolling in, please let me know either in a comment on this page or via email (nathan at handlebarsandwich dot com).

We have sponsors this year! Please make sure to support all the sponsors who have pitched in for the race this year. There are several flagstaff local sponsors, as well as a couple larger companies who are helping out either with aid station donations or prizes for the winners. Please support them, as they are really helping out!

If you want to see results and details from 2008 check it out here.