Back to the grind, whatever that is. Almost a full week of work down. That’s one more week than I’ve had in the last month, and although it’s good to be back, I’m already cooking up the next adventure. Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know (as if there was a doubt).

Really though, that’s neither here nor there.

Interbike is in full swing, although I’ve heard numerous reports of it being a particularly slow year in the Sands convention center. Something about economy. Whatever. All I know is that I’m not there this year, and although I initially was a bit disappointed, I’m pretty much over it now.

Did anyone see any pics from the cross race? I did, and there wasn’t a single beer or dollar bill in any of them. Weak. Super-weak.

Yet again, though, that is neither here nor there.

What is here or there, is Blair and tRoy setting out for an epic adventure.

They’re headed up to hit the TransUtah. Sounds like a beast of a race. If you want to enjoy their suffering right along side, well, you’ll have to get on a bike and head up there. But, as an alternative, you can watch their progress on the race tracker page.

Next up is the next race in the “FlagSpints” series. Ray and company have put together a whole series of races this year instead of just the occasional gold spints. If you win them all, you get enough parts to build up your very own hipster mobile.

I think I got a flyer around here somewhere for it…….

oh yeah, here it is:


The event on saturday starts at 7pm at Tacos Locos and is 5 bux. Up for grabs is a set of drop bars with some bar tape, presumably only enough to do the ends of the bars.

I shouldn’t knock it, because normally I’d be down for some drinking and debauchery on bikes here in flagstaff, but a little ride we like to call “pines to the mines” is calling my name on saturday.

For the uninitiated, it’s an 80-mile ride from flag to jerome on mostly forest roads. Fast and fun, until the last 12-14 miles. You may be wondering why that is. I’ll show you.


Flat for a good bit, then a nice descent to the river, then a big ‘ol climb up into jerome.

The last couple years I’ve had sore knees by the time I got to the descent because a 2:1 gear ratio is spun out for about the first 40-50 miles. So this year I’ve decided to try a different strategy. I finally finished the new wheels for the voodoo. Ain’t they purdy?


(I know, I should be doing glamour shots or something)

Then I went ahead and slapped a 44 on the front and a 19 on the back. That puts me up to about a 2.3:1. It means the forest roads are gonna be sweet, and the climb….. well we’ll see what happens. I took it out last night for a night ride with j-money, and it was noticeablely faster on the flats and a sonofabitch on the steep climbs. Lets just hope that last big climb isn’t too steep for these tree-trunk legs.


That’s all I got for ya this time around.