My room has degraded into a new state of chaotic mess. I’ll admit, I’m not the most tidy person, but you can’t really see the floor at this point. It is a direct result of the fact that the last two weeks have been taken at what can only be described as breakneck speed. I have not had an evening of rest in between activities for some time at this point. I loved every minute of it.

Did anyone catch Sendero Cycles at the San Diego custom bike show? If you did, did anyone buy a bitchin t-shirt from them? Benson and I printed them up before they left, and I haven’t heard the sales report yet, so I was just curious.

I’m glad I did laundry in alaska before I left, because I never completely unpacked my bags, I just replaced a few items and headed out to silverton last thursday. Did I say silverton? I meant santa fe. Well, technically we went to silverton, but it was via santa fe. Don’t ask, just enjoy this picture of a dope on a electric-assist bike.

It was sitting outside a shop in santa fe, we took it for a test drive, and apparently they thought we were stealing it.

I don’t think I could bring myself to steal something like this, it’s a little too ridiculous.

After the Santa Fe debauchery, we loaded up and headed out for a scenic drive to silverton.

We stopped in durango to stock up at Liquor World.

And made it to silverton in time for the snow to start on friday night. I would give it a solid 6-8 inches on satuday making for a super-fun day of 7 runs of powder turns. Sunday, on the other hand, got epic. Super-epic. We were up to at least a foot everywhere on the mountain, and in places it was wind-loading well over 2 feet of powder. I dropped the cornice at the top of “Mandatory Air” and sunk to my chest in snow.

Here’s a pic of the token snowboarders with our crew hiking it up the ridgeline.

Speaking of snowboarders, Mancandy thinks he’s Mr. Funny Man. He decided to pay me next month’s rent in ones. I found this on my table one evening of recent.

I can’t imagine what ‘spend it all in one place’ could possibly mean in reference to a huge stack of 1 dollar bills. . .

Ben informed me last night after work that Del the Funky Homosapien, and (more importantly) Mike Relm were playing at The Green Room. There really was never a question as to whether I would go or not. To top it all off, the show was only $15

I like Del, but I have to say, all the openers were all totally kick-ass, and I would have paid $15 to see just them. Serendipity Project was killer. The female singer in that group could tear you apart with her voice. Just solid funk with a lot of enthusiasm. Phenomenal. Bukue One came on before Mike Relm, and was a super-fun show as well. He’s a great rapper and doesn’t take himself to seriously, which I have a great appreciation for. At one point he had a skateboard on stage and was busting out kick flips while rapping.

Then there was Mike Relm. All I have to say is WOW. Just go to youtube and spend some time looking at his videos, and you’ll get a glimpse. The guy brings the house down, every time.

All these guys are just starting their tour, so catch them if you’re in the area when they roll through.

Apparently Rideclean is putting on a crit in downtown phoenix. They’ve got prizes, they’ve got booze, and they’ve got a fixie crit as well. That one should be one to watch for sure.

I’ll be down in prescott for the monstercross riding my legs off. I sure hope skiing translates to singlespeeding, or it’s gonna be a long day.

If nothing else, I’ll get to ride some new trails and may even opt to try out my new ergon BC3. Yes, I finally got a bike pack larger than a camelbak lobo, which I’ve been rocking fairly successfully for the past couple years.

The AZT 300 went down this past weekend. In case you missed it, live tracking courtesy of Topofusion Scott was up here. Looks like 3 folks finished in addition to Chad’s early entry this year.

Nice job to everyone who finished or even attempted it. One of these years I’ll get down for it.

In case anyone is out at Sea Otter this coming weekend, you should make a point to stop by the BTI booth to say hi to Mike Rizzle and the gang. I heard rumors of free beer, free BBQ, and a horseshoe pit.

Did I ever mention that they gots a new blog up and running? No? Well, now I have. Similar to the old blog, but a new name and some new faces. Check it.

Speaking of new, I got a call from none other than Rockstar Shawn after work today. He was out shredding the dirt jumps which are about 4 blocks from my house. I’ve never really tried dirt jumps before, mostly because I’m not that great at gaps and drops so they freak me out. It was a rest day and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn from somebody who knows. So, I grabbed the gunnar and headed over.

It was such a blast. I hit some gaps, I hit a couple step-ups, I got heckled by 10 year olds, and I chickened out on a couple. I shorted a couple and had my back wheel land on the lip (ouch), and I almost overshot one of the big step-ups. Most importantly I gained some major confidence and will never again just ride past them without hitting one on my way to or from anywhere.

Does this mean I need to start looking at dirt jump bikes? No comment. . . .

That’s all I got for tonight. It’s a whirlwind out here, and if I have my way, it probably won’t slow down anytime soon. I really should clean my room. . . .